How To Cancel Century Link

CenturyLink provides services like; broadband internet, local and long-distance voice calling, internet hosting (both managed and cloud hosting services), data integration, VoIP services, information technology support services, etc.

CenturyLink is a global technology company founded in 1930 and headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. As of 2018, the company reported 45,000 employees and revenues of 23.443 billion dollars.

CenturyLink provides communications, network services, cloud solutions, and managed services to its customers worldwide.

Internet plans with CenturyLink do not have a commitment term and can be canceled at any time. DirecTV pricing may require a commitment term however, so customers should check the details of their plan for more information.

Note that refunds may or may not be available for cancellations depending on the terms of your plan. Below is what to do to help you with canceling your CenturyLink service or services.

People’s reasons for wanting to cancel CenturyLink is either because CenturyLink bill is too expensive or they are moving temporarily to find themselves a financial bind or they are moving permanently to a new home.
CenturyLink wouldn’t want to lose customers, so multiple options have been put in place to help solve problems that may cause customers to want to cancel services.
If your mind is totally made up to cancel your CenturyLink account, below is all you need to do, read on.

How to Cancel CenturyLink by Phone (Live Agent)

  1.  Call the business at 800-201-4099
  2. Let the representative attending to you know that you want to cancel your account.
  3. Answer appropriately every question you will be asked by the agent regarding your account.
  4. Request for a verbal confirmation code or email as proof of your cancelation.
  5. Having gotten the cancelation_prove, safely keep the confirmation information you’re given

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