How To Cancel IMVU Account

IMVU is an online social networking website that was founded by Will Harvey, Marcus Gosling, Eric Ries, and Matt Danzig. The headquarters are located in Redwood City, CA.

Many people are confused about the company’s name, some say that the name is either an acronym or an initialism but, you must know now that the name is neither of those two conceptions of people. In fact, the name means nothing and stands for nothing as well.

How IMVU works is that the users meet new people, chat with them, create profiles, and play games with the use of 3_ Avatar.

IMVU is the largest virtual reality network with over six million users and it is strictly prohibited for users under the age of thirteen. You begin to enjoy the fun of IMVU once your own avatar is created.

To create your avatar, you are in the position to choose your gender and your outfit. But, you have to sign up and verify your email address in order to able to customize your avatar

Have you been using IMVU and you now feel you have outgrown it or it’s boring, gently come with me, I will give you direction on how to delete your IMVU account.

How to Cancel IMVU by Login

Here are very simple steps you need to follow and your IMVU account will be delete din no time.

Launch your browser

launch the browser on your smartphone. and opening the webpage:,

Log in to your IMVU account

Once the page opens, click on the “LOG IN” button, located at the right-upper corner. To log into your IMVU account enter your email address and your password. Then, click on the  “LOG IN” button.

Delete your account


After you have just accessed your account on IMVU, you will get guidance on how to deactivate your IMVU account. To start this process, visit


  1. Welcome to the webpage, type the password of your IMVU account in the field you will be given and click on the “Continue” button.
  2. You will be notified that you have succeeded in disabled your IMVU account. Click on the “Back to store” option
  3. You will see the webpage of the IMVU store again but you won’t be able to access your IMVU account any longer, because you have already deleted your IMVU account.

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