Can I See or View Who Looks At My Facebook Profile? How?

I will want to show you how you can easily see who viewed your Facebook profile. Are you ready? If yes, then let’s get started.

Can I See or View Who Looks At My Facebook Profile?

Facebook is the top social networking site where people meet new individuals and also make friends. Interestingly, nowadays every person knows about Facebook. Truly speaking, this social media app boasts a global reach!

Facebook has so many amazing features. People could look at their friend’s name as well as view their Facebook account profile and also get in touch with them.

Anybody can see anyone’s Facebook account profile on Facebook conveniently by searching their name on the Facebook search bar. Additionally, Facebook recommends some account which you might recognize as people you may know.

It is important for you to know the people who visit your profile on Facebook daily, sometimes for security reasons and otherwise.


If you use Facebook for iOS devices, it is so simple to view this list. Using Facebook from web or an Android device needs some twisting and extensions for you to be able to know who view your Facebook profile.

How can I see who viewed my Facebook profile on mobile?

Do you have an iOS device? Then follow the steps below to learn how to see who has viewed your Facebook profile:

  1. Please sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Select by clicking on (3 links) the primary drop-down menu
  3. Navigate to Privacy Shortcuts.
  4. Tap on “Who viewed my profile“

Given that this is a new feature, if these steps don’t work for you, you can use some iOS apps like “Social Fans,” which will allow you to see your Facebook profile viewers. (I will show you how to go about the Social Fans app below).

Other ways to See Who Looks At My Facebook Profile

Though there are no formal or official ways to see who visited your account on Facebook yet, you could recognize it by mounting a chrome expansion as well as by checking out web page sources on the internet browser which we will go over in detail below.

1. Mount Chrome Extension.

If you are curious to recognize those who viewed your Facebook account profile, then you may need a chrome internet browser on your computer.

By installing a chrome extension called “Social Profile sight notice”, you will be able to access your Facebook profile viewers list.

Follow the steps below to successful download and install the chrome extention

  1. Search for social profile sight notification on your chrome browser.
  2. From the top right corner of that page, click on “contribute to chrome switch.”
  3. Click on include Extension.
  4. Wait for download and installation.
  5. After completion of installation, you will receive the notice, “social profile view notification has actually been contributed to Chrome”.
  6. Now visit and log in to your account.
  7. On your profile page, you’ll see a new alternative called “Visitor” between Residence and also Your Name.
  8. Click on “Visitors” anytime to see those who view your profile.

2. Using Social Fan App for iOS

The social fan app (just like the “Who View My Profile Android App”) is uniquely designed for iOS users.

The benefit of using this app is that it displays Facebook profile statistics such as who commented on your post, who viewed your profile, and who liked your posts.

Aside from allowing you to see who visited your Facebook profile, this app also allows you to track your other social media stats such as Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of others.

How to Get Social Fan App

To get the Social Fan app:

  1. Search for “Social Fan App” in the App Store. Click Here to go directly to the app’s page.
  2. Install the app on your iOS device after downloading it.
  3. Connect the app to your social profile by opening it.
  4. It will ask you for permission here; kindly grant the permissions and proceed to the next step.
  5. Following the preceding step, you will be prompted to select your subscription plan.
  6. Choose based on your budget and finish the payment process.

After that, you can start tracking your details and view the list of your Facebook profile viewers as much as you want.

As you have noticed, to use the social fan app, you will need to pay for it using a subscription plan.

Other Alternatives to the Social Fan App

Aside from the Social Fan App, there are several fantastic apps for iOS users that allow them to see who has visited their Facebook profile. These are as follows:

  • Who Engages with My Profile on Facebook iOS App.
  • Manage your Social Accounts.

The second app, “Manage your Social Accounts,” is recommended.

3. Using Who Visited My Facebook Profile Android App

The “Who visited my Facebook profile android app” is also a good app designed for Android users to help them identify people who have visited their Facebook profile directly from their phone.

How to Get this App

To get “who visited my Facebook profile app” follow the steps below:

  1. Download the app from Google Playstore. Search for “who visited my Facebook profile app.”
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. When you launch the app, you will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account. Please keep in mind that if you are already logged in to your Facebook account on the device, you will be asked for permission to access your Facebook account.
  4. Allow other permissions.

After that, the app will scan your Facebook profile and display the most recent people who visited my Facebook profile, as well as those who commented on and liked your post.

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4. By Checking Facebook Source Code

Scanning your Facebook source code is another effective way to learn who has viewed your profile.

The good news is that you can open the Facebook source code in any browser you want, including Mozilla FireFox and Chrome from your desktop.

How to Use the “InitialChatFriendsList” (Source Code) and See who View your Profile

  1. Log in to Facebook using a web browser and go to the Facebook home page.
  2. Select View Page Source from the context menu when you right-click anywhere on your screen. If you are using the Chrome browser, you can also press CTRL + U.
  3. This will open the source code for your Facebook timeline in a new tab. Normally, the source page will contain codes that you are unfamiliar with. Simply open the search box by pressing CTRL + F and type “InitialChatFriendsList” into it.
  4. Look for user profiles under the “InitialChatFriendsList” source code.
    The numbers following “InitialChatFriendsList” are the profile IDs of people who have recently visited your profile.
  5. To find out who visited your profile, open a new tab and type ID into it.

NOTE: These instructions work best with Chrome and Mozilla browsers.

Therefore, to effectively see and know those who view your Facebook profile, follow any of the 5 procedures outlined above. Feel free to contact us for any info.

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