Facebook Free Dating Site – How I Got Back My Facebook Dating App After it Stopped Running

One of the biggest issues most users encounter is the Facebook dating app not working.

Facebook Free Dating Site

Below are a few common concerns from my friends on Facebook.

“had the Fb dating app before, but I can’t locate it.”

“My FB account is no longer working…I can’t find it. It seems my account is deactivated.”

Facebook support is the main method you can use to fix any challenges you face, including glitches with your dating profile.

If you have contacted them previously, the method I have utilized will work. If you do not infringe on their community guidelines, they will restore your dating app on Facebook, and you’ll return to flirting and chatting.

I will tell you how I got my dating profile back with the assistance of Facebook support.

Why is the dating app on Facebook not working?

There are many causes of Facebook dating not working. They include:

Suspicious activities

More often than not, you might not be aware of your activity that looks wrong on Facebook.

However, in many cases where the Facebook dating app is not showing up, it is most likely that your activities on the app have raised suspicion.

They will restrict you from accessing it.

If you’re certain you haven’t gone against FB guidelines, you can reach out to their support team and ask them to restore the dating feature.

Trying to contact them once or twice won’t be adequate, so continue sending messages until they respond to your request.

Making use of an obsolete version of the Facebook App

An obsolete version of the FB application can cause the dating feature to fail to work on your account.

This is because there is a bug associated with older versions of the app or older versions that are yet to have new features.

Install the latest version of the Facebook app to enjoy access to innovative features like Facebook Dating.

Privacy options

Facebook dating might not even be accessible if your privacy settings allow only friends to see your profile.

A common fix is to update your privacy option to enable others to access your profile.

Violated Facebook dating guidelines

If you breach one of the Facebook dating guidelines, your account can be suspended or banned, and the dating feature will stop working for you.

Limitations on the location

Facebook Dating is currently only available in a few locations. Thus,  if you’re at a restricted location, you won’t be able to access the tool.

How I Restored The Facebook Dating App After it Showed Up

Here is how I got my Facebook dating app back:

When I noticed that the dating service became unreachable for me, I consulted the Facebook support team, but there was no reply.

I repeated the same with over 50 emails, and at last, I got their attention and got back my dating app.

It takes more than one or two tries to be successful when sending to Facebook. This may be due to the thousands of complaints they must handle daily.

Hence, if your issue hasn’t been fixed, continue to get in touch with them.



You can restore your Facebook dating app after it stops running by:

Reinstalling the Facebook app on your mobile device (iOS or Android) from the Apple App Store or Play Store.

Get in touch with the Facebook Help Center.

If you still encounter issues with Facebook Dating, and it seems to be limited you alone, contact the Facebook’s technical support team.

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