White card in football: Meaning, Use, Reaction and History (2024 Report)

White Card in Football: The white card has made its maiden appearance in professional football. History was made on January 21, 2023, when a football referee in the Portuguese Women’s League flashed a white card for the first time. But what does a white card in football mean?

White Card in Football

It is now on record that referee Catarina Campos showed the white card during a women’s cup clash between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica.

The white card was shown during a clash between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica women’s teams in the women’s Portuguese League Cup, a match in which Benfica won 5-0.

Football fans all over the world are familiar with the yellow and red cards that referees use.

They were first used in the 1970 World Cup to punish fouls and disruptions to the game.

Now we have the white card used for the first time. This is really interesting. But what does it mean? Read on to find out all you need to know about the use of the white card in football.

What is the meaning of the white card in football?

Portuguese authorities introduced the white card in football as part of a new initiative to encourage teams to act in a sporting manner and receive immediate positive recognition.

The white card is designed to ‘improve ethical value in the sport.’

It can be shown to anyone involved in fair play and is intended to improve sports ethics.

Unlike the yellow and red cards that punish offences, the white card encourages good sporting behaviour.

Essentially, the card is designed to give either players, coaches, or members of staff immediate recognition for a positive act during a match.

The white card move is part of a new initiative in Portugal to encourage teams to act in a sportsmanlike manner and receive immediate recognition for their efforts.

As already stated, the white card immediately recognises a positive action during a football game.

The initiative is not yet widespread and is currently limited to Portugal, but it is part of a larger series of new initiatives in football.

The white card is one of several measures that have been implemented in Portugal. Other initiatives include concussion replacements and longer stoppage times, as seen during the recent World Cup in Qatar.

Why was the first white card in football shown?

The white card was shown to medical personnel from both teams shortly before halftime after they rushed to the aid of a fan who felt ill in the stands.

The crowd rose to their feet to applaud the medics as they walked back to the dugout after the card was shown to them. Quite impressive, if you ask me!

This ‘third card’ has received a mixed response from fans on social media.

Reactions about the white card

The white card was introduced to football midway through the women’s cup quarter-final match between fierce Portuguese rivals Benfica and Sporting Lisbon.

Benfica was leading 3-0 against their cross-city opponents when the card was shown, and the fans in attendance at the Estadio da Luz reacted positively to its appearance.

There was a warm reception from fans present at the stadium when the white card was shown. But what is the reaction on social media?

The white card, like the extra stoppage time in the World Cup, has elicited a mixed reaction on social media.

Many people praised the card, expressing their appreciation for what it represents.

Some fans support the idea, stating that it will help protect supporters, players, and managerial staff.

Others, on the other hand, couldn’t see the point of what was essentially a symbolic gesture. ‘Effectively means nothing as far as I can tell,’ one Twitter user responded.

One fan claimed that it was strange to have the card in the game without a reward. He wrote, “What do you get for it? It seems odd to have a card that’s essentially a pat on the back.”

Another Twitter user commented: “There’s already so much time wasted with the ball out of play; are we seriously going to stop play even more to hand out meaningless cards?”

When was the white card first mentioned? || History of the white card

Was the Sporting Lisbon Women vs. Benfica Women’s football match the first time the white card was mentioned? Isn’t this already mentioned? Yes, it has been mentioned some years before.

To put this matter straight, there has been a technical mention of the white card before its use in Portugal. Former UEFA president Michel Platini previously proposed the use of a white card, but for different reasons.

Michel Platini had previously called for the introduction of a white card as a punishment for dissent, with guilty players serving a 10-minute suspension.

Platini suggested the white card to help combat the ‘craze of contesting the referee,’ which he branded as a veritable epidemic in football.

However, the Frenchman’s ideas were abandoned.

When will the white card become a global thing in football?

The white card initiative is still in its early stages and is currently limited to Portugal. But it is part of a larger move in football. We hope it is widespread soonest.

It remains to be seen whether the white card will be used in other football leagues around the world, including the UK, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and other football federations.

Before we see the white card in all the football leagues in the world, those who make and oversee the game’s rules, the International Football Association Board (FIFA), would have to discuss whether it could be an option.

It is unlikely that we will see the card brought into the Premier League and other major leagues anytime soon.

However, let’s keep watching how events will turn out in the near future.


We have witnessed the use of another card in football other than yellow and red for the first time in over 50 years. We hope that we will see more of the white card in football in the years to come.

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