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As its name implies Facebook lite App is a lighter version of the worldā€™s most popularĀ social mediaĀ network. Facebook lite allows you to connect to Facebook with very little internet connectivity and it also allows you to accessĀ Facebook messengerĀ without downloading theĀ Facebook messenger appĀ separately.

Facebook lite App is available for download in all android devices.Ā PeopleĀ can download it in a few seconds no matter how slow their network connection is. Facebook like is fast to install because the application is small and it uses less storage space.


Features Of Facebook Lite App | Facebook Lite Android

With the Facebook lite app, you can have access to all of the basic Facebook features. Like; sharing and liking of photos, videos, and posts searching for people, posting to your friendā€™s timeline, and editing your profile and groups. It has other special features like; saving of photos to a particular photo album, following yourĀ Facebook friends, looking for informationā€™s onĀ businessĀ matterā€™s, finding social events, and lots more.

The latest feature of Facebook lite is adding up stories and also allowing you to view your friendā€™s stories on Facebook. It uploads photos and updates quicker than the normal Facebook app.

The Facebook lite app is mainly designed for 2G networks and rural areas with bad signals and unstable internet connectivity. It has been designed to use less RAM and CPU power to enable you to get a better experience while using it on cheaper and less powerful phones.

However, Facebook-liteĀ App is almost fully featured as the regular Facebook app. You can still like and comment on your friendā€™s photos, videos, visit their profiles, post on their timeline and yours too. Even with all these features, the only difference between the Facebook lite and the normal Facebook app is the userĀ interface. The Facebook lite interface has big, block buttons, loading bar, and other elements. It feels a little bit dated but it is functional and easy to use.

If you are using the Facebook lite, you donā€™t need to tap on the refresh bar to view new posts. Whenever you scroll down Facebook lite automatically gets new posts than your regular Facebook app which takes some seconds to refresh your news feed.

Facebook lite vs Facebook app

Talking about Facebook, it has a lite version of the main Facebook app and its messenger. The major difference between Facebook lite and the normal Facebook app is their size and battery usage. The Facebook app ranges from 58 ā€“ 60mb, the Facebook lite app weighs 2mb. Facebook lite is very light on your battery and it consumes very less battery than the standard Facebook app.

The Facebook lite app does not refresh posts or feeds because it doesnā€™t support auto-refreshing, but the normal Facebook app supports refreshing.

However, the Facebook app icon is colored blue. While the Facebook lite app icon is colored white and it shows up on the launcher with the name ā€œLiteā€.

If you have a good android phone and a cellularĀ dataĀ plan would suggest you install the Facebook lite app and enjoy its better features. Meanwhile, there are some necessary steps you need to take in installing the Facebook lite app.

How To Install Facebook lite app |Ā Facebook lite download

You should follow these simple steps to achieve a successful installation of the Facebook lite app.

  1. Go to ā€œplay store ā€œ on your android device or smartphones.
  2. Type the name of the app you want to install in the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Read the terms and conditions following the process, after which you will have to agree with the terms and conditions.
  4. Click on ā€œdownloadā€ or ā€œinstallā€.



The fact that Facebook app is huge and sometimes slow the operating system of your phone is undesirable, even for high-end products. This is the rationale for the introduction of the ‘lite’ version of the Facebook app. The Facebook Lite is for low-end phones. The functionality of the Lite is quite similar to the standard Facebook app, with minor significant differences. The lite version has a smaller size and is easily accessible.

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