How to Delete Multiple Facebook Posts at once from your Timeline

Every now and then, we emphasise the value of cleaning your timeline by deleting unnecessary posts. It is easy to delete a single post, but for multiple post deletions, it can get really challenging for most users. Facebook for Android has a feature that enables you to delete multiple posts at once from your timeline. A lot of users may not find it because it is not widely known. You can also hide multiple posts simultaneously if you are not cool with a complete deletion. 

How to Delete multiple posts from your Facebook timeline at once on Android

  • Ensure your Facebook app is of the most recent version. 
  • Access the Facebook app by tapping on it to open it. 
  • Access your profile in the top corner of your feed.
  • Scroll down until you find the timeline tab.
  • Tap the icon shaped like a gear near your timeline.
  • Select the posts you want to hide or delete. 
  • Tap “Next” in the top corner and select “Delete Posts.”

Note: You can only delete posts that you’ve created, not the ones you’ve tagged in. However, it’s possible to remove tags from the posts you are tagged in. Doing so deletes the link between your profile and selected posts.


In this article, we explored ways to get rid of numerous posts at the same time. This will allow you to declutter your profile and timeline, giving you a clean appearance.  Be sure to share this post using the button below.

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