How to Turn On the Facebook Dating App if You’ve Hidden It

Lets get into this! Want to try dating on Facebook but can’t find the app? Maybe you hid it by accident. No worries! Here’s an easy guide to get it back in less than no time:


step 1: Open Your Facebook App

Make sure you’ve got the newest version. If you haven’t updated in a while, go to your app store and do that first.

step 2: Tap on the Three Lines

On the bottom right (for iPhones) or top right (for Androids), you’ll see three horizontal lines. That’s your menu! Tap on it.

step 3: Find “Dating”

Scroll down in the menu until you find “Dating.” If it’s not there, try looking under “See More.”

step 4: Click on “Dating”

Once you click it, you’ll go to the Facebook Dating home. If it asks if you want to turn on dating, say “yes!”

All Set!

Now you can make your profile and start meeting new people!

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