Popular Dating Apps | How to Free your Blocked Facebook Dating Profile

Most dating platforms today have the option for Facebook Login. However, many popular dating apps don’t require a Facebook profile to set up a profile or access them.

Most dating websites and apps use Facebook to validate their membership bases. It provides authorization for many online dating platforms.

In this article, I’ll list a few of the biggest dating apps that don’t use Facebook. Even though Facebook access is not required for these apps, your telephone number or email address is needed.

Here are the apps that do not require Facebook authorization or access to sign up. They include:



This is among the best apps without Facebook authorization and is excellent for discovering dates. It has over 30 million users and will generate matches in your inbox daily. The matches you will receive are centered on your actions, like the users you are looking for, engaging with, or chatting with. It can be installed for free on the Google Play Store of the smartphone that you’re utilizing.


It’s an incredibly brilliant app for meeting women and connecting with others. More than 25 million single users have signed up on the platform. Without ever using Facebook, you can set up a profile and explore matches globally. The free app can be installed on iOS and Android devices.



It is a wonderful platform for internet dating. On this platform, you register with your contact number, which is free of charge. You can chat with your mutual matches without subscribing to premium services. You may download the free app from your respective application stores.



It is a dating app for those who value commitment. The app caters to the needs of singles who have elitist or upper-class tastes. You can install the application for free on the application store of your smartphone. It is compatible with all types of smartphones, including iOS and Android models. Users can register for a profile for free without using Facebook to validate their accounts.


It is available for free download at your app store. eHarmony app works with any phone model, including Android and iOS. There is no need to have Facebook authentication to create a profile on the app.



It is a dating service for feminists. The app has encouraged a lot of women who are searching for dates. Facebook registration is optional and not compulsory. It also has a free dating website and app. The app is free and works with all device types, including iOS and Android.



The app is among the biggest black-only internet dating and mobile dating platforms built by black people.

Users do not need to use their Facebook login information as authorization to set up a profile. It has chat features that are simple to use.

The app works well with all smartphone types, including iOS and Android. The app is available on the App Store of your device at no cost.

How to unblock your Facebook online dating profile or account

If you are a Facebook dating user, your account may be prone to account or profile lockdown because you breached Facebook’s guidelines. This is saddening, especially if you’ve invested much effort in creating your profile and forming relationships with others.

However, you can use a handful of strategies to unblock your Facebook dating account or profile.

Check out Facebook’s guidelines.

To assess why Facebook blocked your account was blocked, it’s important to go over Facebook’s guidelines before making any decisions. On Facebook, there are strict guidelines for what is and isn’t allowed, including guidelines for online dating. Ensure you are mindful of these guidelines and any violations you may have committed.

Contact Facebook Support

If you believe Facebook erroneously suspended your account, contact Facebook support for assistance. Select the “Contact Us” button in the Help Center. While there, you can explain the situation and request that your account be recovered by completing a form. Be patient; it can take a couple of days for Facebook help to respond.


If Facebook notifies you that your profile has been blocked for violating one of its policies, you can appeal the decision. You will have the choice to challenge the judgment when you receive the notification. Pick that option and then include any extra information or evidence that would assist in bolstering your appeal.

Create a new account:

If everything else fails, you may be forced to do this. When setting up an account, review Facebook’s guidelines to ensure you are not violating them.

Learn from your errors:

It’s important to keep track of any errors you may have made that led to your account getting blocked. Review Facebook’s dating rules to ensure you comply with them moving forward. By doing this, you can protect your account.

In conclusion, while it may be challenging to unlock a restricted Facebook online dating profile or account, you must comply with Facebook’s policies. You should also get in touch with their support team if necessary. Be persistent, submit any relevant information, and assume responsibility for your errors to prevent further account suspension.

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