Facebook Marketplace Cars – Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace New and Used Vehicles

Are you aware that you can sell cars on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, this post is all about Facebook Marketplace Cars, or Facebook Cars for Sale. So, if you’re wondering how to access Facebook Marketplace and how to sell Facebook Marketplace cars, this article has you covered. Continue reading:


facebook marketplace cars
Facebook Marketplace Cars

How to Sell Cars on Facebook Marketplace

You can sell your amazing products right from your home, couch, desk, or wherever you are using your mobile or computer device.

You can get started right away as long as you have your device, an internet connection, and the Facebook app on your device. Let’s examine the steps involved in selling cars on the Facebook marketplace.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using Computer Devices

> Visit the Facebook site at http://facebook.com or click here
> You will find the Marketplace on the left side of your homepage. Click on it.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using Computer Devices
> Tap on Sell Something.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using Computer Devices
> Add a title, price, and description for your car.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using Computer Devices
> Add the location of the car.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using Computer Devices
> Select a category for the item.

> Upload photos of the car you want to sell.
> Tap on Post.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using Android Devices

> Get on the Facebook app.
> At the top of your homepage, click on the Shop icon.

> In the Marketplace, click on Sell.

> Select a category for the product you want to sell.
> Include the title, price and description for the car you intend to sell.

> Click on Next.
> Add the photos of the car.
> After adding these details, tap on Post.

Sell Cars on Marketplace Using IOS Devices

> Get on the Facebook app.
> Click on the Menu button. The three horizontal lines are on the right side of the homepage.
> In the list of options given to you, tap Marketplace.
> Click on Sell.
> Set up your location.
> Choose the category of product you want to sell.
> Add the title, price, and description of your car.
> Also, add the Photos of the Car.
> Tap on Post.

On the Facebook Marketplace, how do I sell my car?

Follow this creation below, and it will show you how Facebook will sell your plan.

  • On your Facebook landing page, go to the commercial hub. It’s located in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • At that point, click on the symbol of the shopping center you see, then click on the camera’s symbol and pick the vehicle or vehicles available for purchase.
  • To move, snap an image of your vehicle and tap it right away.
  • Offer insights about your make, model, year, and mileage, and choose programmed or Manuel transmission. Snap next when you’re done.
  • Your vehicle debate. Include the subtleties of the car, such as mishap background, warranty, and vehicle condition.
  • Spot a cost on your car in your field, and a recommended value goes to comparative stuff. Also, press directly.
  • If it’s your profile or other purchase, pick where to post the rundown and sell bunches on Facebook.
  • Click on the post button at that point.

Marketplace FAQ

Is It Safe To Buy a Car on Facebook Marketplace?

Well, it is.  But here are some tips you should consider when buying used cars on the Facebook marketplace in order not to fall prey to scammers.

1. Check the seller’s profile to see if it is authentic.

2. Do not make a deposit for a car you have not seen.

3. Consider the car’s age: Buying an older car may cost you a lot more as time goes on. As the car ages, the parts wear down, which may need replacements.

4. Consider the history of the Vehicle: Car listings on Facebook Marketplace frequently don’t provide a vehicle’s complete history, which is important to know.

Note: The car history report should look out for things like water damage, accidents, missing repair history, and failed inspections.

5. Carefully and thoroughly examine the body, both the interior and exterior, of the car you want to buy. Also, check the upholstery, trunk and dashboard for damage.

6. Ensure you meet with the seller in a public place for a Test Drive and the Paperwork of the car. Make sure the paperwork carries the seller’s name and vehicle history before you purchase.

7. Look out for the price. Sometimes, if the price of the car is too cheap, that should be a sign to back away.


Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows users to sell and buy all sorts of second-hand vehicles. However, one has to exercise caution in order to get a quality vehicle. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to enable you to get the best product and pay seamlessly.


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