How To View All Of My Pending Friend Requests on Facebook?

This article is about how to view all of my pending friend requests on Facebook. Do you want to learn how to do that? If yes, then let’s get started.

A faster way to view all of your Pending Friend Request Sent to you

  1. Go to your personal Facebook profile.
  2. Click on the friends tab.
  3. Then click on Friend requests

Want to view all the Pending friend requests you have sent out?

  1. Login to your personal Facebook profile page.
  2. Tap on the Friends tab.
  3. Click on Friend requests.
  4. Click on See all.
  5. Then tap on View sent requests.


How To View All Of My Pending Friend Requests on Facebook?: You will learn how to View All Of your Pending Friend Requests on Facebook today in this post.

When you send a friend’s request to someone, you will hope they accept your request. Unfortunately, because of any reason, they don’t accept immediately. Sometime later, maybe they will accept, but now you don’t want to be their friend. Don’t worry, you can go through your pending requests and delete them.

First, login to your Facebook account:

Next, click here and go to the Friends Request Tab:
 Finally, choose the name of the person you want to cancel the friend request ~> Friend Request Sent ~> Cancel Request

How To View All Of My Pending Friend Requests on Facebook?

Try as much as possible not to send too many friend requests at the same time. Facebook is known to penalize such actions. Facebook is a social media site that allows everyone to reach out and form a relationship with people but when you send too many friend requests, you may risk a ban from Facebook because it shows you may be trolling or spamming.

So it is essential you prevent a ban from Facebook by trying not to send too many friend requests, you should also cancel friend requests of those who have not accepted for a while.

Is it possible to cancel a Friend Request that has already been sent?

Yes, you certainly can! If the person has not accepted your Friend Request, you can cancel it at any time. Users will not be notified in any manner if a Friend Request is cancelled. If you sent the Friend Request and the recipient has received a notification, they may realize it when it goes.

You can quickly cancel a Friend Request by following the steps outlined above to identify your submitted Friend Requests, and then clicking ‘Cancel Request’ next to the user’s name.

What is the duration of Friend Requests?

Unlike your frozen sandwich, Friend Requests don’t even have an expiration date. They’ll stay on your Facebook account unless you remove them manually or cancel the request. You can also use the approach above to see how old a submitted Friend Request is on the Facebook mobile app.

The date next to the user’s name reveals when the Friend Request was sent. Only the mobile app allows you to see this.

How many times can a Friend Request be sent?

Once you’ve sent a Friend Request on Facebook, you won’t be able to send another until you’ve cancelled the prior one. A person will not be alerted if you cancel a Friend Request. If you send them a new one, though, they will be notified.

You can cancel a Friend Request as many times as you want and send a new one to the same individual. Your name will jump to the number one spot of their Friend Requests when you issue a new one.

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Can you see all the friend requests you’ve sent on Facebook?

Navigate to the “Friends” section beside the “Friend Requests” option and select “See All.”

When the “Friend Requests” page opens, scroll to the upper-right corner, select the hamburger icon and choose “View Sent Requests.” You’ll arrive on the “Sent Requests” page. Here, you’ll find a list of people whom you have sent a friend request to.

How long do Facebook friend requests last?

At present, friend requests have no expiring date and it’s not changing anytime soon. However, there is a restriction as to the number of Facebook requests you will receive. As of today, each user has a minimum of 5,000 requests.

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