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Facebook hidden friends: Facebook is one of the biggest and largest social networks. As of today, the social media site has more than a billion users all over the world. Facebook gets different updates every month; it updates the security and privacy of its user’s profiles, and how to hide your friend list even from your friends is one of the privacy features that Facebook has added lately. Your Facebook friends will only be able to see mutual friends if your friend list is hidden; the same thing applies to you too if someone hides their friend list.

facebook hidden friend list

You may sometimes need to go through someone’s hidden friend list because you may be looking for someone but not be able to find them. They may be friends with your friend, but you still can’t view the hidden friend list because your friend’s friend list has been set to private. But if you want to view someone’s hidden friend list, then you will have to perform a Graph Search on Facebook. That is, if you and the profile you are targeting have at least 1 friend in common, then the Graph Search will help you find hidden friends in the target profile. Sounds easy, right? Don’t worry; below is a Google Chrome extension that will perform a graph search for you.

How to view Hidden Friend List of your friend on Facebook.

To be able to view someone’s private friend list on your Facebook account, the following steps will teach you how to see the hidden friend list of your friend on Facebook:

Step 1. Add the Facebook Friend Mapper ( link removed ) extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. When you finish adding the extension, reload your Facebook account. You will get a new tab on Facebook profile of your friend named “ Reveal Friends.”

Step 3. All you need to do is tap on Reveal Friends, and it will start to scan for their private friend list. It may take time, depending on how long their friend list is.

Step 4. After scanning, it will show you the Facebook IDs of all their friends in a pop-up window. Now you can scroll through their friend list and check for the friend you are searching for. It does not show their name in search results, so you will have to guess that friend by looking at Facebook IDs.

How Facebook Friend Mapper Extension Work?

This extension performs a graph search on Facebook by taking your friend’s Facebook ID and one of your mutual Friend’s Facebook IDs.

With this search, it shows you common friends of them. It may result in a few friends; after getting one or more friends by this search, it again performs a graph search between the friend’s Facebook ID and the new Facebook IDs; it goes many times and results in the list of private friends of your friend.

Manually, it is hard to perform the above task, so to automate this process, a script is written in the form of a Google Chrome extension.

Update: The Google Chrome Extension has been removed from the Webstore, but here is the trick I found, but it has certain limitations.

The trick is simple: whenever you create a new Facebook profile and send someone a friend request, Facebook does show the recommended profiles to add next as People You May Know. (Recommended profiles will always belong to the person to whom you sent the friend request.).

The trick is to create a new Facebook profile and send a targeted profile friend request and you will get your friends on the recommendation list.

Create a new Facebook profile and send a friend request only to the targeted profile whose hidden friend list you want to see.



In this article, we explain ways you can access someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook. This method is important if you plan to cross-check who is on your friend’s list without hassle.

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